Jum Nakao

A Lot Of (Brazil – Italy)

Furniture made with laser-patterned steel.

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Alotof, a company that specializes in furniture for interior design, invited us to develop a line in steel.

To confer levity upon the metal, we used laser-cut patternwork based on motifs from the Sewing the Invisible collection. The laser-cut steel conjures a fluctuating feel and softens the metal, allowing the light to throw its shadows across the floor and walls.

Lacework Side Table – 455 x 620h x 450mm
Cube Side Table – 430 x 500h x 400mm
Lacework Table – 630 x 295 x 1200mm
Lacework Clothes Rack – 655 x 1680 x 450mm
Lacework Chair – 550 x 785/460h x 670mm
Lacework Lamps – Small 1300h x 240 – Medium 1600h x 270 – Large 1900h x 300mm
Photos – Model: Sandra Bordin. Furniture: Jorge Bischoff

August 2010