Jum Nakao

Book Biennial Fair – Senac Stand (Brazil)

Book runway at the Biennial.

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This project celebrates a relationship of partnership and respect; a partnership that began in 2004, when we held the paper dresses runway show and launched the book and documentary “Sewing the Invisible”; and respect for those dedicated to making the world a better place through books and education. The Senac book fair stand was conceived as a reading station around which people and thoughts could circulate freely. To contextualize the proposed theme—Fashion—the book stand, which cuts diagonally through the space, doubled as a raised catwalk, creating an unexpected runway in the middle of the book fair.

This catwalk captures a blending of culture and education: mannequins showcasing the work of the institution’s students and books encapsulating the knowledge on which practice rests.

Architecture: Marco Tirelli www.mtmarquitetura.com.br

August 2012