Jum Nakao

Brothers Quay (Brazil)

Collection-tribute to the stop-motion animators Stephen and Timothy Quay.

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The Brothers Quay, as they are commonly known, drew upon the attention to detail and old stop-motion animation techniques used by the Czech and English schools of the late 19th Century. Proposing a new look at aesthetic values—increasingly standardized—and blending the best of the old with the best of the new, Jum Nakao employed engraving-style prints, late 19th-century corsetry and rubber laser-cut jewelry.

The themes used in the prints were predominantly surrealist in nature, especially redolent of the artist Jan Svankmajer, a major influence on the Brothers Quay.

The catalogue paid tribute to other surrealists, such as Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), Magritte (1898-1967), Man Ray (1890-1976) and Luis Buñuel (1900-1983).

Style: Jum Nakao, Intern: Kivia Martins, Accessories, doll-making and model-making: Silvana Marcondes, Assistant: Beatriz Meirelles, Runway Director: Kiko Araújo, Assistant: Guilherme Peres, Stage design: Julio Dojcsar and Kiko Araújo, Scenotechny: Patrick Seitz, Juliano and Carlos Eduardo, Rubber jewelry: Marzio Fiorini, Lightdesigner: Carlos Moraes and Kiko Araújo, Styling: Jum Nakao, Make-up & Hair: Fernando Andrade, Musical Creation: Paulo Beto, Photography: Fernando Louza, PR: Namídia, Dolls: Naná Lavander and Claudia Diniz, Model: Lidia Yogui, Gal Gruman, Cissi, Patricia Silva and Claudia Diniz, Model Scenotechny: Dilson Tavares, Artistic Advisor: Julio Dojcsar, Dolls’ clothes: Silmar Alves, Silk-screening: KL Silk, Graphic Design: Eliana Abitante, Photography: Sandra Bordin, Assistant photographer: Caio Gerson, Treatment: Fujoka, Design: Lobo.

July 2003