Jum Nakao

Brazilian Creativity (Brazil)

Alex Atala, Fernando and Humberto Campana and Jum Nakao in frank conversation about creativity.

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Alex Atala, Fernando and Humberto Campana and Jum Nakao talk frankly about the conditions of creative work in Brazil in the book Criatividade Brasileira (Brazilian Creativity).

Organized by the psychoanalyst Andréa Naccache, with the help of the advertising professional Ana Carmen Longobardi, the work involves the reader in the crises and contradictions of the conversations, which discuss, at close quarters, the emotion and responsibility of those engaged in changing the world with their own hands.

Graphic Design work: Rico Lins.

ISBN: 9788520432273

Editora Manole

The book contains interviews with:
• Ana Carmen Longobardi
• Alceu Baptistão
• Charles Watson
• Elenice Lobo e Gilson Domingues
• Fernando Cocchiarale
• João Marcello Bôscoli
• Paula Dib
• Paulo Borges
• Reinaldo Pamponet
• Ricardo Guimarães
• Rico Lins
• Roberta Cosulich
• Stephen Rimmer

About the book:


August 2012