Jum Nakao

Author’s Design III – Schuster – Jum Nakao (Brazil)

Harmony, well-being and joy through Design.

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It all began in 2012, when we were given the honor of designing a space for Casa Cor. To produce the furniture for the Jum Nakao space, we looked to Schuster, the leading light in the Brazilian furniture industry, or industrial carpentry, as the owners prefer. The result of this partnership was the Jum Nakao line.

“We consider it essential that design afford a moment of introspection in daily life, a state of solitude, not in the sense of loneliness, but of wholeness. We draw through design: harmony, well-being and joy”
Jum Nakao

Jum Nakao Welcome! Console table
The Welcome! console table is a threshold between inside and out; it’s where people deposit the articles that interface between these two worlds, such as keys and the contents of pockets, to be quarantined until we head back out again. As such, the console is a switch that disconnects us from the world outside and welcomes us into the home, and all that means.

Jum Nakao Comfort! Armchair
The Comfort! armchair was inspired by a shell nestled in the palm of a hand, cushioned by the fingers, evoking a sense of cozy security, like a hand cradling a baby’s head.

Jum Nakao Kick-back Footrest!
The Kick-back! footrest complements the Comfort! armchair, rounding out the cradled-baby experience.

Jum Nakao Charmed! Side table
The Charmed! side table, with its hermit-crab legs, looks like it has a mind of its own, as if it’s about to come scuttling after us to serve and to charm.

Jum Nakao Autumn! Tripod Lamp
Autumn is when the leaves are shed to reveal the structures hidden underneath. The Autumn! Lamp’s branchlike tripod evokes time’s own time. The central branch, with eye-level lighting strip, represents the time for reading; the shorter branch, which juts out toward its surroundings, marks time for contemplation; while the longer, taller branch represents the time for reflection.

Jum Nakao Good Fluids! Wall Light
The Good Fluids! wall light takes its inspiration from a well-lit, treelined boulevard. The idea is to take the experience of strolling beneath light-washed branches and transpose it into the home.

Jum Nakao Treat! Table Lamp
The concept behind this delicate luminaire is to reproduce nature on a tiny scale. The shade can be plain white or cut to cast the shadows of a small woodland.

Jum Nakao – Balance! Floor Lamp
The boughs that reign supreme in the treetops, withstanding winds and storms, are the inspiration for the design and reflection proposed by the Balance! Floor Lamp. The shade is available in plain white and in a cut version designed to cast woodland shadows.

Jum Nakao Sweet Dreams! Bedside Table
Designed to make you feel like you’re falling asleep in a forest clearing, with a stream burbling nearby, so you can enjoy a refreshing night’s rest.

Jum Nakao Viva! Bar
Just like birds gather in the boughs to nest, the Viva! Bar is designed as a layered-wood top resting on a gnarl of branches. The eggs in the nest contain the promise of life, which the Viva! Bar invites us to celebrate!

Jum Nakao Harmony! Table
The table is where we share meals, ideas, emotions; it’s where we look for the spirit of Harmony.

Jum Nakao Clouds! Chair
Treeboughs always evoke clouds, just as clouds evoke treeboughs. The Clouds! chair’s naïf design disarms us, freeing us up for the table experience, literally sitting in the clouds!

Illustration of the shadows cast by the Treat! Luminaire and the Balance! Floor Lamp by Celaine Refosco

Photographer: Paulo R. Vasconcellos


February 2013