Jum Nakao

DPOT (Brazil)

Portable memories, boxed dreams.

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“A few years ago, while travelling in the south of Brazil, I came across a swing at the roadside in the middle of nowhere. A swing overlooking an empty field. Its structure framed the air. In 2009 Baba Vacaro invited me to design a piece of furniture for Dpot. I had just come back from an exhibition and was still mentally wrapped up in the function of boxing and packing, unpacking and unboxing works. There was an immediate synapsis: that crate structure would be the frame for the new work. So I came up with a series: portable memories, boxed dreams.”

“Portable memories, boxed dreams”: a sort of portal onto a new relationship between the eye and the space in which it roams. An opening packed full of fantasies about our memories, our now dreamable dreams.” Jum Nakao

Still Photos: Fernando Delfini.

November 2010