Jum Nakao

Ephemeral Fountain

Ephemeral Fountain is an Art Work about Hope.

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Work created on the occasion of Prototype Festival celebrating the year Germany + Brazil 2013-2014.

At this ephemeral installation, a controversial fountain nourishes our free will to dive in understanding by experimenting mixed feelings: good or evil, victory or defeat, death or rebirth, beginning or end, indifference or empathy.

Over all evil, dream and hope.

10 crowns represent forces that corrupt, coarsen, anesthetize and disconnect.
7 snakes symbolize the forms of propagation of evil.
8 vultures symbolize the defeat.
1 central figure symbolizes evil around whom everything orbits.
1 child at the top represents the dream and hope.

Ephemeral Fountain
Author: Jum Nakao
Crowns’s Creation and Execution : Suzana Memlak
Sculptures’s Accomplishment: Nonon creatures
Fountain’s Implementation and Montage : 2F Scenery