Jum Nakao

Today is Maria’s Day (Brazil)

Insect Royal Court for the mini-series Hoje é dia de Maria (Today is Maria’s Day).

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A Royal Court of insects with all the splendor of medieval nobles; reptilian hides plated in precious metals, here the form and sheen illude the eye and confound judgment. The marriage is about to be celebrated when awareness awakens the sleeping spirit, and Maria escapes to continue her search.

It took wardrobe professionals, interns and painters over 5,000 hours to create 21 characters (3 actors and 18 dolls). Some of the dolls were over three meters tall.

The whole project consumed over 1000 200-gram sheets of kraft paper, 2 kg of gold dust, 100 liters of paint, 100 liters of glue, 80 razor blades and copious amounts of wire and metal screening.

The use of paper meant that, once filming had ended, we could roll the dolls up into balls and rewind the footage to make it look like they were actually unfurling. This sequence was used as part of the opening credits.

Concept and creation: Jum Nakao, Coordination and production: Silvana Marcondes, Wardrobe: Adriana Oliveira, Dóris Barreto, Eupídio Barreto, Felipe Bragança, Janine Ferraro, Jussara, Leandra Lamon, Newton Galhano, Rogéria Magalhães, Tika Mika, Painters: Ivan Ferreira de Araújo, Olímpio Oliveira Pinto, Robert Corrêa Pinheiro, Sérgio Rezende de Carvalho and the stage and set department; Wardrobe assistant Denize Ascenção, Interns: Débora Badauê, Paula Carriço and Rondineli Aniceto. Photos: Jum Nakao.

January 2005