Jum Nakao

IBAM (Brazil)

Post-graduate course in Fashion Art Direction.

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After a year of discoveries and transformations, the collective collection FAAP FASHION BRAZIL translated this immersion, which gave rise to dialogues between the interior and the exterior, extension and contention of volumes, rigid structures filled with fluidity, distortions and ruptures with form, simultaneity and superposing of textures, colors and techniques. With clothes that invite experimentation and the body’s active participation in space, the result was exhibited at FAAP between November 13 and December 17, 2006, and the collection was launched for retail at Surface to Air in São Paulo. The students also exhibited individual work at this exhibition, under the supervision of the course coordinator, Sandra Harabagi.

Post-graduation in Fashion Art Direction: Sílvio Passarelli – Director of the Faculdade de Artes Plásticas FAAP, Sandra Harabagi – Coordinator, Jum Nakao –Director of Creation FAAP FASHION BRAZIL. GRADUATES: Andrea Schostak, Carolina Marino, Celaine Refosco, Cinthia Luna, Daniela Mello, Flávia Ferraz, Michele Machado, Tatiane Pedó. PROJECT 2006 EXHIBITION: Curators: Sandra Harabagi and Jum Nakao, Scenographic concept: Jum Nakao and Adriana Peliano, Implementation: Construtora Cláudio Helu, Lighting: Tato Cobert, Sound Design: Paulo Beto, Signage: Cláudia Lammoglia, Visual Identity: Adriana Peliano, Photos of the FAAP MODA BRASIL collection: Nio Tatewaki, Production of the FAAP MODA BRASIL collection: Sacre.

November 2006