Jum Nakao

Cocar Lamp (Brazil – Italy)

A lamp built out of scrap wood.

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The concept behind the COCAR line stems from the same principle as the construction of ceremonial native Brazilian headdresses, in which feathers are arranged in an aesthetic order that confers human value upon the discarded.

In the interests of subsistence, large quantities of wood are burned to create charcoal each day… By availing of leftover wood we promoted recycling and the social insertion of disadvantaged communities in a constructive and positive way.

The Cocar lamp was exhibited at the That’s Design show in Zona Tortona between April 21 and 27, 2009, as part of that year’s Milan Furniture Fair. Milan City Hall considered the Mobile Forest Project the most innovative design company, and its entry was elected the most sustainable and innovative design by the universities of Rotterdam and Budapest. What’s more, according to the Brazilian Foreign Office department of trade fairs and promotions, this event secured the best international results of the semester.

Coordinator: Robson Oliveira, Art Director: Jum Nakao, Director of Development: Augusto Puig.

April 2009