Jum Nakao

The Dream of Darcy (Brazil)

Installation for the groundfloor space at MAM – Rio de Janeiro.

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A space in which to lose yourself among some 9,000 wind-blown words, a place stripped of gravity, where rallied meanings are guided by a sonorous narrative that connects us with spoken and written thought.

Production Automatica/General Coordinator Luiza Mello/Production Coordinator Ana Hupe/Production Assistants Caroline Valansi and Luisa Hardman/Assembly Trampolim & Daniel Toledo, Débora Mazloum, Maíra das Neves/Critical Text Roberto Corrêa dos Santos/Visual Programming Cecilia Lucchesi/Press Relations CW&A/Video Anna Penteado Sound Design Paulo Beto/Audio Equipment Julio Lobato, Felipe Messina/Soundtrack “O Povo Brasileiro” by Isa Grinspum Ferraz/Lighting Traquitana/Lighting Design Tomás Ribas/Lighting Crew PC/Editor Júlia Bicudo.

November 2010