Jum Nakao

Revolver MON (Brazil)

The mouse munched the monarch’s mantle.

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Inside a model of the Museum, inside the Museum itself, miniatures of the works—Jum’s paper dresses—are nibbled at by mice. The performance was recorded by mini-cameras installed inside the model, also capturing the faces of those looking into the display case at the time of filming. This footage was then projected onto a huge screen, filling up the real space of the actual Museum.

Life-size dresses were displayed in a glass case sealed shut with questions that permeated the creative process.

Supermarket shelving displayed transparent packaging filled with colored liquids, all of which were available for purchase. Stickers of the same mouse logo as seen on these bottles were handed out free of charge.

The floors leading up to the main hall were lined with photos, with those on one floor showing the dresses as worn by mannequins, and those on another showing the same dresses worn by live models.

Simulation and simulacrum.

May 2007

REVOLVER, MON, CURITIBA – Creation and curatorship: Julio Dojcsar, Jum Nakao and Kiko Araujo, Executive Production Director: Marcos Farinha, Producers: Alessandra Moreno and Keu Gomes de Mattos, Architectonic Layout: Pat Silva, Light Designers: Eliane Koseki and Julio Dojcsar, Graphic Designer: Fernando Sato, Photos of Models and Dolls: Sandra Bordin, Making-of Photos: Alexandre Perroca, Runway Photos: Fernando Louza, Vet: Carlos Leandro Henemann, Animal Handling: Pet Shop Toca dos Bichos, Set Design: Joymi Montagens, Audiovisual Coordination and Development: Estúdio Preto e Branco, Projections: ON Projeções, Sound: Three Target, Lighting Equipment and Handling: Paulo Marques Ferreira, Soundscape: Paulo Beto, Wigs: Inês Sacay, Paper Reliefs : Balsemão

Development of paper clothing – Coordinator: Silvana Marcondes, Team: Agustina Comas, Claudia Diniz, Lidia Yogui , Mel Donato. Dolls: Naná Lavander, Coordination: Verônica Arias, Assistants: Floreal Arias, Gal Gruman, Alcina Angela Alves, Silvia Gandolfi.