Jum Nakao

Wearable Vestiges (Brazil)

Performance in which an installation is literally dressed and undressed in loco at the Bienal.

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The performance was a work in progress that culminated in the total transformation of an installation.

After a team of 14 had spent six full days and 200,000 raw cotton hexagonal stamps covering every surface and object in the installation, on the last day of the performance, with the installation completely “dressed”, the public was asked to join the artist and his team in stripping the whole thing down, stamp by stamp, in a total undoing of everything that had gone before.

“The posting and removal of the hexagons can be defined, metaphorically, as an analogical digital resource, like pixels that reveal or disintegrate, creating new images, new layers. It’s human analogical interaction reproducing electronic language”.

Through the ongoing transformation of the space, Wearable Vestiges proposed a new take on the real.

Sponsor – Banco do Brasil, production – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil São Paulo, Concept and curation – Jum Nakao, Content consultant – Didi Rezende (Estúdio Oitavo Andar), Executive producer – Lia Vissotto (Cinnamon Comunicação), Production coordinator – Marione Tomazoni (Cinnamon Comunicação), Press relations – Mona Camargo (Cinnamon Comunicação), Set design and object production – Laura Vissotto/ Clic Eventos, Lighting – Cizo de Souza and Darihel Souza (CZ Produções), Sound design – Paulo Beto, Visual programming – Élcio Miazaki, Video – Chama Sabor, Time lapse: Fábio Yamaji, Índio San and Dimitre Lima, Photos: Marcelo Guarnieri, Marco Hovnanian and Thiago Monteiro, Jum Nakao’s assistants: Anderson Tomaz, Arthur Porto, Carla Balsemão, Gabriel Pessagno, Juliana Zampini, Luzia Aparecida Berndt, Manuella Vilhena, Natacha Cortez, Natalia Ramos Rios, Patricia Maria Grossi, Paula Sertório, Roberto Slursarz Filho and Thelma Nakae.

June 2010