Jum Nakao

Casa Cor – Jum Nakao’s Space (Brazil)

A forest of two seasons at Casa Cor.

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Autumn for rest and winter for reinvigoration.

There is no through view from the entrance, which shows only a curve of vaporous drapery that hangs like a woodland mist. Shadows cast onto this curtain from specially carved magic lanterns evoke a forest and its inhabitants. Around this bend of woodland fabric waits a console table. A console is a threshold between the outside world and the interior of the space; it’s where we deposit our keys and other mundane fare, problems included, on our way in, to be collected again as we leave. At the end of the entrance ramp, an inviting, softly-lit sofa and side table conjunct welcomes the visitor. Nearby, a large bed basks in a pool of light from a clearing in the treeboughs. The word “dream” hangs in the air, revealed by the transparency of a glass partition, drawing the visitor in. A stroll through the ambiences reveals a change of season. Crystals hang in suspension, like raindrops frozen in time. This space is snow white, winter white, with a mirror revealing that we have moved on, and left autumn behind us.

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May 2012