Jum Nakao

Immigration Centennial (Brazil)

Spatial project for the Japanese Immigration Centennial.

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Concepts: displacement, the void and air.

In the side-access corridors and entrance hall, intra-organic, vascular tunnels offer a sensorial experience of levity, floating the visitor into the auditorium, where tanabata streamers and kites flutter towards silver clouds.

Draped above the stands and stretching out into the garden area is a sky-sea of torn out manga pages. In the Zen Space, cushions like globules of liquid metal quivering on a red lawn invite the visitor to relax, meditate and contemplate a tea-ceremony.

A special area was designed for an exhibition of dolls by the artist Yuki Atae. His dolls are a faithful reproduction of the minutiae of old Japan, where, according to Atae, people where materially poor but spiritually rich. This richness is a living presence in these 40cm dolls in which past and present, replica and real, are wrought into a captivating blend.

The dolls are exhibited in suspended plastic bubbles, from which they can see and be seen.

Concept and coordination: Jum Nakao, Projects: Lúdico Cenografia, Production: Rock.

June 2008