Jum Nakao

Transitory Homes (Brazil)

A mobile sculpture intervenes in the cityscape.

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“Transitoriness is a state that defines and accompanies us. It is delimited by elapsing time, and time is the measurement we use to gauge our own permanence. Both formulate the equation of existence. We are beings barred by conscience and feeling, in whom the survival instinct is coupled, from the very moment of birth, with the transitoriness of the body, of thought and of feeling.” Nicola Goretti – curator of the exhibition Transitory Homes.

The city, the center of our civilization, is laced with contradictions. In the contemporary world we produce spacecraft and misery: spacecraft that cross the solar system and human misery that drags itself through the cityscape.

Urban Landscape is a mobile sculpture and the city the frame in which this installation sits.

November 2007